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Our Families?

“Steve Toth is a proven fighter who has been on the frontlines pushing back against Biden’s radical agenda in Texas.” 

 – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Toth for Texas

Our Republican Fighter

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Steve Toth has proven his ability to withstand the corruption of Austin and bring back conservative results to House District 15.

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Proven Results

Right to Life

Right to Life

Steve Toth has a perfect Pro-Life record. He coauthored these-life saving laws:

Elections and Governance

Elections & Governance

Steve Toth has pushed for Election audits in Texas  and is committted to:

  • End Election Fraud
  • Make Government Accountable to the People
National Defense and Military


Promoting and supporting those who serve, is Representative Toth's passion.

Immigration and Border Security

Border Security

Steve Toth has worked tirelessly in the Texas State Legislature to fight against federal obstacles that have prevented efforts to stop the illegal immigration crisis and secure the border. Two issues of critical concern are:

  • Secure the Border
  • State Sovereignty


At no time in the history of the nation has our sovereign control over our own personhood been more under attack than it is at present. Steve Toth stands strong on:

  • Gender Issues and Protecting Child Innocence
  • Medical Autonomy & Vaccine Choice


Steve Toth has also been priviledged to fight for our children's education, also under violent attack by socialist idealogues who hope to take over the hearts and minds of our children. It is time to reform education by:

  • Reclaiming Our Classrooms
  • Re-asserting Parental Rights in Education

The US Constitution & Our Rights

Steve Toth is a strict Constitutionalist candidate with a solid record.
  • The 1st Amendment and Religious Liberty
  • The 1st Amendment and Big Tech Censorship
  • The 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms

Out of 150 State Represenatives:

#1 Conservative

2023 Texas House
Young Conservatives of Texas

#1 Conservative

2023 Texas House
Rice University Study of Voting Records

1 of only 4 Taxpayer Champions

2023 Texas House
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility


Adhering to Biblical Values

Concerned Women for America
Legislative Action Committee


Fiscally Responsible

The Club for Growth


Family Values Score

Texas Values


Career Score

Young Conservatives of Texas

Top Rated Legislator in the Texas House

from  Texas Eagle Forum

Courageous Conservative

from Texas Conservative Coalition

Outstanding Legislator

from Assoc. of Texas EMS Professionals

2021 Faith & Family Champion

from Texas Values Action

Conservative Achievement Award

from  American Conservative Union Foundation (host of CPAC)

2021 Judah Brown Project Hero Award

Texas Sentinel Award

from  Texas Public Policy Foundation

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