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Recently, while at a debate for the US Congress Texas District 8, Steve outlined the hypocrisy of Kevin Brady voting for the Omnibus Budget bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood and subsequently obfuscating his action by releasing misleading mailings, Facebook posts and tweets to the constituents of District 8. Of course, Kevin Brady continued to obfuscate the truth in his direct response to Steve's comments.

For his closing statement Steve played a Fox News interview of Franklin Graham by Bret Baier in which Franklin Graham outlines the reasons he left the Republican Party. The main reason is the full funding of Planned Parenthood in the Omnibus Bill, disregarding Planned Parenthood's proven selling of aborted fetus' organs to the highest bidder.

Amazingly, Kevin Brady replied, "The question is, who do you believe?" I know it is hard to believe Kevin said this outloud, but the video below documents the exchange.