Posted February 27, 2016

Refugee Resttlement Program

Kevin Brady denies that his Omnibus bill doesn't provide $1.6 Billion for refugee resettlement. Go to page 917 of the bill and read it for yourself. Sounds like another Broken Brady Promise.

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Posted February 16, 2016

Kevin Brady Asks, "Who Are You Going to Believe, Me or Franklin Graham?"

Recently, while at a debate for the US Congress Texas District 8, Steve outlined the hypocrisy of Kevin Brady voting for the Omnibus Budget bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood and subsequently obfuscating his action by releasing misleading mailings, Facebook posts and tweets to the constituents of District 8. Of course, Kevin Brady continued to obfuscate the truth in his direct response to Steve's comments.

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Posted January 15, 2016

19 Years of Budget Busting Brady Votes

Kevin Brady voted for 16 of 23 bills that increased our debt during his Congressional career, raising our deficit by trillions of dollars. Sheila Jackson-Lee voted for debt increases 14 of the 23 opportunities. Louie Gohmert voted for 1 of the 23.

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Posted January 2, 2016

Kevin Brady Receives Failing Grade from Heritage Foundation and Conservative Review

Kevin Brady claims he is a conservative. The Heritage Foundation and Conservative Review, two leading conservative watchdog organizations, disagree. Both organizations gave Brady a failing grade of F.

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